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Our Story

B2B branding and marketing is in our blood. We're at home on the shop floor, in the engineering lab, at a distributor's office, riding shotgun with a sales rep, or making a contribution in the executive suite.

We have one focus: helping B2B companies build brands for immediate results and long-term value. We understand manufacturing and product development. We're comfortable with the complexities of distribution. And we are quick to decipher customer mindsets, attitudes and motivations. We're truly proud to be part of the movement to make manufacturing great again, one brand at a time.

These are wildly challenging times for B2B companies: with unprecedented global competition, tough regulations and a complex world of branding and activation tools. But we firmly believe that a company’s brand is its rudder – helping it sail straight and true through stormy seas.

At Catalyst, we strive to be true to our name every day; to be agents of change that stimulate transformation and growth for our clients.