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Who We Help

We work best with mid-sized B2B companies who market technical products and services within complex selling environments.

Typical Client Profile


Complex or technical products and services.

Sales Force

Direct, independent sales rep firms and/or distributors.


Multi-channel and multi-step distribution, multiple paths.

Selling Environment

Complex or lengthy decision-making process, layers of decision-makers.

Scope of Engagement

Minimum annual fees of $100k (most clients are spending between $150k to $750k). Our minimum initial engagement is $25k.

Types of Engagements

We support our clients in one of three ways:

Consulting only

Services designed for clients who want insight, recommendations and coaching to facilitate transformation. These clients often have an internal team but are looking for an objective point-of-view and expert guidance.

Consulting + some program implementation

Services created for clients who are looking for strategic guidance along with some degree of program execution as a supplement to existing resources.

Consulting + full implementation

Services developed for clients looking for full turnkey support from branding through activation.

How We Help Clients Win

Our client relationships always start with strategy and then extend to program activation. Here are a few of the ways we help our clients achieve measurable results:

Corporate & Product Branding

  • Bringing purpose and clarity to corporate and product identities to ensure differentiation.
  • Launching new brands and reviving stagnant ones.
  • Stimulating preference, loyalty and market share gains.

Organizational Alignment

  • Uncovering the most advantageous value discipline.
  • Changing the mindset and behaviors of employees.
  • Engaging employees to deliver on your brand promise.

Sales Enablement

  • Developing training programs and tools.
  • Stimulating more meaningful sales interactions.
  • Exploring the possibilities of new technology to enhance the sales process.

Customer and Prospect Engagement

  • Producing campaigns that inspire more prospects to connect with the brand.
  • Developing helpful and compelling content to stimulate interaction.
  • Creating a differentiated customer experience plan.