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The new era of branding for B2B. Now vs. Then.

Marketing and selling is harder than ever. We’re living in a period of extreme transition, and the shelf life of solutions is getting shorter. Industrial marketers can’t afford to ignore change and just do what comes naturally. Here are ten things you should be doing now.


Your B2B brand matters more than you think.

Finding new paths to growth and profit can be elusive. So, what are the winners leveraging to truly differentiate and establish some distance between them and their competitors? It’s their brand. Brands matter. And they matter more in B2B than they do in B2C. Here’s why.


The path to a powerful B2B brand. Ready, aim, fire.

The goal of any branding effort should be to help the organization define its purpose and customer promise, and then activate them – inside the organization and out. Here’s a basic four-step journey of discovery and implementation you could follow to reinvent your brand for today’s market.


Employee brand alignment: an underutilized competitive weapon.

The most enlightened marketers now consider employees as a core audience of their brand campaigns. They make sure they are constantly nurturing a business culture that expresses their brand values every day through a workforce that understands the brand and their role in delivering on the brand promise. Here’s how.


Recalibrating your sales lead generation efforts.

Lead generation is all about finding the right people at the right companies, initiating a dialog with them, and then nurturing those relationships until the prospect is a “sales-ready” lead. Sounds easy. But the truth is that it’s harder than ever. Here are a few fundamentals to help recalibrate your efforts.


BRAND. DEMAND. EXPAND. All Three Matter (Equally) To Your Success.

Demand generation has been the darling of B2B marketing efforts. But is it still the rock star of marketing? Is it responsible for producing business results?

This report shares some surprising research results.