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Brand Alignment

Catalyst helps define and prioritize implementation activities, and develop appropriate actions to successfully align all employees, practices and operations with the brand purpose and promise.

The most enlightened B2B organizations now consider employees as a core audience of their brand marketing campaigns — as they should. It is easy to get caught up in the language of brands as if they are somehow separate from the organizations they represent. But brands are only sustainable when the things they stand for are consistently brought to life by employees for customers. The truth is that investing in external brand awareness is a false economy if the customer experiences something different from the communicated message.

In the battle for customer loyalty, the companies that are in front are those that are constantly nurturing a business culture that expresses their brand values every day through a workforce that understands the brand, its value, and their role in delivering that value.

Key Activities

Leadership Training

Brand Alignment / Internal Launch Workshops

Meetings and Events

Employee Brand Education

Architectural Branding

Internal Brand Awareness Campaign

Ongoing Employee Communication

Channel Brand Education and Engagement