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Brand Research

The goal of the Brand Research phase is to obtain a systematic understanding of the perceptions, mindsets, attitudes and motivations surrounding the brand from "inside-out" and "outside-in" perspectives – relative to the market and competition.

Our comprehensive process uncovers the insights we need to define your brand purpose (the business’s essential reason for being, the higher order benefit it brings to the world) and your brand promise (the differentiated value you offer your customers).

From a third-party perspective, we will also help you investigate the marketing landscape in order to better understand trends and competitive influences impacting short- and long-term branding efforts.

Information gathered during the Brand Research phase will then be utilized as the basis for our Brand Strategy, Brand Alignment and Brand Activation phases.

Key Brand Research Activities

Marketing Brandscape™ Audits

  • Strategy Audit
  • Positioning Audit
  • Messaging Audit
  • Market Segment Audit
  • Competitive Audit

Inside-Out Research

  • Senior Executive Interviews
  • BrandStart™ Employee Workshops
  • Sales Team Phone Interviews / Surveys

Outside-In Research

  • Sales Rep Firm / Distributor / Dealer Interviews
  • Customer / Prospect Research
  • Analyst / Industry Consultant Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Trends