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Brand Strategy

Insights from the previous Brand Research phase provide a foundation for strategic Brand Strategy development where we:

  • Articulate a singular, focused purpose and value proposition for the brand that captures its unique point of difference, vision, strengths and personality.
  • Create a distinct and relevant brand campaign approach in order to strengthen the brand, enhance product presentation and unify communications.
  • Evolve the brand communications standards as necessary.

Key Activities

Through this process we will become a "catalyst" for your positioning and branding, leading to the creation of your:

Brand Story

Articulating the brand purpose and promise in a narrative form helps internal audiences not only understand the rationale for the new brand direction, but also engages them emotionally. Catalyst will uncover a compelling point of difference as defined by the following components:

  • Vision
  • Mission (Purpose) and Core Values
  • Value Proposition
  • Messaging Platform

Brand Face

Catalyst will define the visual expression of the brand as defined by the following components:

  • Identity Elements
  • Customer Experience (beyond just the graphics)

Brand Voice

Catalyst will define how the brand articulates its point of view as defined by the following components:

  • Tone and Style
  • Benefits-Framing
  • Culture

Brand Standards Manual