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Manufacturer of air pillow packaging equipment and materials for cushioning and protection.

Establishing a new brand - before it’s too late.


Before changing its name to Airworks, German manufacturer Loersch Corporation was confronted by a dramatic drop in demand for its core product line, which was quickly becoming obsolete because of disruptive new technology. As it confronted this reality, Loersch asked Catalyst to help entirely reimagine the company brand to support the launch of a new product the company had been developing as a replacement: air pillow machines and film for the packaging industry.

Catalyst Solution

  • Catalyst started with modest, directional research to help inform its development of the brand strategy.
  • We helped Loersch completely reinvent the company with a new name (Airworks), corporate identity and positioning — all centered on a compelling purpose of helping businesses ship their products to customers without worry.
  • We helped company management align employees behind the Airworks brand purpose and customer promise.
  • We extended the identity to product packaging and architectural branding for the manufacturing facility.
  • We helped incorporate the new branding into product design.
  • A new website was developed along with required sales tools and a cost-effective trade show exhibit.
  • Catalyst also helped Airworks locate new distribution partners in North America to expand its global reach.


  • The company was able to quickly abandon its original, dying product line and execute a full organizational transformation far ahead of schedule.
  • They experienced rapid growth with the air pillow product line in Europe first and then North America — 175% growth in machine sales and 130% growth in film sales from year one to year two.

"Thank you for all of your help. We feel privileged to be working with the team at Catalyst. You have given us a completely new outlook and a foundation on which we can build our future."

- Airworks Managing Director