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Manufacturer of temperature and pressure instrumentation utilized in a wide variety of end-use applications.

Looking back 160 years to find a new path forward.


160-year old Ashcroft was on the move. After making significant, strategic investments in its capabilities, products and services, the company felt it was time to upgrade the brand to match. The management team wanted a brand that still reflected Ashcroft’s impressive history, but were looking for something much more relevant for today’s global market.

Catalyst Solution

  • Global research was conducted to uncover the current perceptions, attitudes and mindsets surrounding the Ashcroft brand relative to the competition.
  • Leveraging the insights gained from the research, Catalyst helped Ashcroft develop a new brand strategy platform based on their purpose instead of price. It was partly built on historical perspectives gained by looking back at why the original founder, Edward Ashcroft, established the company – to provide products that helped protect workers from safety hazards.
  • An internal brand alignment campaign was initiated to unite the entire organization around a common mission and point-of-view.
  • Though it’s still early in the process, new marketing efforts have begun to take shape:
    • New website
    • New customer-focused content and tools
    • New collateral
    • New advertising and direct-response programs


  • The company reports that employees feel more unified and enthusiastic about the brand and company future.
  • The sales team reports that the new focus on purpose instead of price helps provoke value-based discussions with prospects instead of the immediate jump to price as was happening previously.
  • The new website user experience has been much more effective in engaging prospects and generating sales leads.
  • Business immediately turned around with a 5% increase in revenue in year one of the new brand.

"Thanks to Catalyst, the brand launch was a resounding success! Everyone was blown away."

- Ashcroft President

"Thank you for the great work and all of the extra effort put in by the Catalyst team."

- Ashcroft Director of Sales & Marketing, Americas

"It’s been a total success. You guys did a wonderful job."

- Ashcroft VP Sales & Marketing, APAC & EMEA