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Regional redistributor of paper, plastics, disposables and janitorial supplies.

Staying relevant in a rapidly changing market environment.


Callico was at a crossroads. After 30 years in business, the company was facing a shrinking customer base (because of consolidation), and increasing competition from much larger national players and emerging online vendors like

Catalyst Solution

  • Catalyst helped Callico redefine its brand purpose and customer promise as a way to rally employees and better engage customers in their value proposition.
  • We redefined the brand to spotlight Callico’s competitive distinctions and differentiated customer experience.
  • We made sure employees were aligned behind the new brand platform. Managers were trained to coach their teams towards more heroic delivery of the brand promise.
  • A new website and communications tools were developed to help express the new brand messaging.


  • The company has a renewed sense of its value, which has started to translate into improved business performance. It is capturing new revenue from existing customers and earning business from new customers.

"Thank you. I feel strongly that Catalyst has helped us define who we are and what truly differentiates us in the marketplace."

- Callico’s President and Owner

"Wow. I have consistently been impressed with everything Catalyst has delivered. VERY well done."

- Callico’s Director of Sales

"Just wanted to say thank you. You did an excellent job. Everything was polished, high-quality and well executed. We’re impressed. And still on our brand high right now."

- Callico’s Marketing Manager