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Print industry leader in MIS, servers and controllers, and industrial inkjet systems.

Stimulating conservative buyers in a staid industry to take action.


For EFI, the print industry market presented a series of unique challenges. In essence, printing was no longer considered the foundation of communications programs – electronic communication was. Even negative perceptions about print were emerging – principally because of environmental pressures. As a result of this, and the economy, print market spending on EFI-like equipment was down. EFI was confronted by buyers whose preferred strategy was “wait and see” or “do nothing.”

Catalyst Solution

  • Development of a purpose-based brand strategy centered on transforming the industry from analog to digital.
  • Catalyst developed a provocative “Survival of the Fittest” campaign that promoted key EFI solutions and called upon buyers to adopt digital printing solutions as a way to not only survive, but thrive, in this economy.
  • Dynamic campaign offers, such as special leasing rates, stimulated response and gave buyers a way to invest in new equipment within reduced budgets.
  • This holistic campaign theme carried through to most all communications elements, including advertising, direct-response, and trade shows, to help build momentum fast.


  • Company employees working at different facilities around the world were united by a singular brand focus and operational purpose.
  • The campaign helped the company achieve a consistent increase in revenue in all lines of their business, led by 22% growth in EFI’s inkjet business – where the campaign was most focused.
  • There were even significant improvements made in campaign results. For example, a single direct-response piece sent to 1,172 prospects produced 55 qualified sales leads and led to $584k in sales. Another mailer sent to 1,365 contacts generated 41 qualified sales leads and led to $648k in sales.

"Perhaps it's unprofessional to say it this way... but Catalyst ROCKS!"

- EFI Product Manager

"Catalyst is an extension of our team, sort of like family but without the squabbles."

- EFI Marketing Manager

"We developed a strong relationship with the Catalyst team. Their commitment to meeting our marketing goals and deadlines has given us a confidence and trust so strong that they have become an extension our marketing team."

- EFI Director, Corporate Communications