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Merging two diverse brands into one to ensure that 1+1 = 3.


Catalyst client, Markem, a marking and coding solutions provider to the packaging industry, had been purchased by diversified manufacturer Dover Corporation. Dover also owned Markem’s chief rival, French manufacturer Imaje. Dover decided to merge Markem and Imaje together and form one industry-dominant global supplier. Catalyst was assigned the task of defining the brand strategy that would best merge the two companies and cultures together.

Catalyst Solution

  • Catalyst conducted internal research at company locations around the world to get an “inside-out” perspective and to judge the degree of cultural alignment required. External research helped identify an “outside-in” perspective – including competitor messaging insights needed for positioning.
  • Catalyst helped management redefine its corporate mission and core values for the new entity.
  • A dynamic Markem-Imaje global brand was created along with a new “customer intimate” positioning punctuated by the team to trust tagline.
  • A new corporate identity was developed to reflect a more contemporary corporate personality and global business approach. A Brand Standards Guide defined the look and feel for all communications templates.
  • A Brand Anthem Video and Brand Book were created to help employees understand and rally behind the new brand strategy.
  • The brand was launched at prominent industry trade shows in Europe and North America followed by demand creation programs that targeted core industries and key accounts in each industry.


  • The company reached the number one position in the global marking and coding space with nearly $1 billion in revenue.
  • The company leveraged the brand to unite global employees from both companies across several manufacturing and sales facilities.
  • The brand has been more positively associated with innovation and customer support attributes.

"We were all really impressed with the new brand and excited to put it to work in the marketplace."

- Markem-Imaje VP of Marketing

"We recently instituted a new process for campaigns which demands on-site participation for real-time creative development. Catalyst has been very supportive in this endeavor and has provided the resources needed to make this happen – even when it demands their people are in Milan creating a campaign one week and in Nottingham working on the next campaign three days later."

- Markem-Imaje Marketing Manager