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Supplier of process performance solutions such as flow control products for oil & gas applications.

Capitalizing on an emerging market opportunity.


The shale gas boom in North America created opportunities for flow control suppliers like Metso. The demand for reliable valves, instrumentation and software was growing rapidly and Metso needed a marketing campaign to help stimulate demand and generate qualified sales leads. Catalyst, a marketing partner to Metso for over 20 years, was asked to help develop and implement a cost-effective approach.

Catalyst Solution

  • Catalyst positioned Metso as the most technically competent and helpful flow control provider, relentlessly focused on customer success and empathetic to customer concerns.
  • We established credibility and brand equity with a focus on providing helpful information – not on selling. That is, the campaign focused on helping engineers understand the technical challenges of ethylene flow control and how to overcome them, rather than focusing on valves alone.
  • Catalyst deployed a multi-channel outreach campaign that directed the target audience to a single digital home base that helped Metso engage, track, and qualify prospective customers.


  • Sales of Metso valves have grown rapidly in the ethylene segment, outpacing early expectations.
  • Customer surveys now rank Metso at the top of the list for technical competence and problem solving.
  • The goal of improving engagement was demonstrated by increases in the average time prospects spent on the microsite.
  • Within the first few months, the program generated over 300 qualified leads from among the world’s largest oil & gas and engineering firms.

"I am not the best in taking a moment to acknowledge exemplary performance. But I wanted to thank Catalyst for consistently going above and beyond in support to Metso - especially in the face of, at times, unreasonable deadlines and demands. Catalyst is certainly a positive asset to Metso."

- Metso Marketing Manager