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Global supplier of instruments and software for machine condition monitoring in numerous industrial and military applications.

Transforming a brand to keep up with product transformation.


Spectro was about to launch a revolutionary portable lubrication analysis system. It was designed to give machine operators the ability to perform comprehensive, mobile lubricant sampling in the field – instead of having to send samples to a lab. But the company was concerned that its existing brand image was antiqued and not representative of the new technology.

The management team also felt the existing brand was holding the company back from achieving its aggressive revenue goals. They were also worried that it wasn’t a good brand platform on which they could add acquisitions.

Catalyst Solution

  • Catalyst conducted internal research at company locations around the world to get an “inside-out” perspective and to judge the degree of cultural alignment required. External research helped identify an “outside-in” perspective – including competitor messaging insights needed for positioning.
  • Catalyst then suggested that Spectro change the name of the company to Spectro Scientific as a way to help change buyer perceptions about the brand.
  • This was followed by the development of a more consistent and progressive brand identity – including new designs for products and product interfaces. These were all captured in a comprehensive Brand Standards Manual.
  • A new brand messaging platform, punctuated by a new tagline (Confidence in knowing), helped the company communicate from one point of view and with one voice.
  • A new website and set of marketing tools helped communicate the new story and start to build greater customer engagement.
  • A progressive advertising campaign helped launch the new brand and the new product at once.


  • The company has gained a firm foothold as the global market share leader. The new product was successfully launched and continues to gain traction with new audiences.
  • The brand has been a solid platform on which the company has added other acquired product lines.

"I’ve been really impressed with the results of our brand transformation and launch of our new product. It’s a great platform on which we can grow the business. Nice job by everyone at Catalyst."

- Spectro Scientific CEO