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Ultrasound transit-time measurement solutions for flow, pressure, pressure volume and telemetry to guide treatment and research.

The measure of better marketing results.


The company’s technology was groundbreaking, but growth had stalled. The organization was focused on numbers and not customers. Goals were elusive. Management felt the company was on the edge of greatness, but lacked the strategy to make it happen.

Catalyst Solution

  • Brand research including one-on-one executive interviews, employee focus groups, customer phone interviews and competitor analysis.
  • A redefinition of the organizations value discipline to focus all efforts on product leadership. Establishment of an operating philosophy and approach to match.
  • New definitions of the company purpose and core values.
  • A new brand identity highlighted by a new logo and tagline.
  • Successful internal and external brand launch efforts. 
  • A new approach for sales materials and content development.